Third-generation family owned and operated

Luciano Olguin, founder of Olguin's, worked in or owned a sawmill most of his life. His expertise was sought throughout the southwest and required him to travel extensively. His family of ten children became his main priority, so he settled back in Northern New Mexico where his sons learned the trade. After the great depression, he started up the mill again. His son Carlos worked side by side with him until his untimely death. His oldest son, Herman Sr., then stepped in to assist with production at the mill. Even after becoming ill, Luciano continued making visits to the mill with the assistance of a walker and would still hand peel vigas with an ax. He had a unique passion for his mill and took great pride in his work and it showed.

Della and I have taken a great sense of pride and satisfaction in serving the local building trade and private home builder since we purchased the mill 15 years ago.

Even though some things stay the same, change is inevitable and during the past few years we have made many positive changes to the mill and the products we produce. We have purchased a new mill with an upgraded capacity, substantially enlarged the yard itself, increased our day to day inventory and have begun offering my new and exciting products for our customers.

We would like to thank our local building contractors and architects as well as the private home builder for using our products. We strive to provide the best quality wood products available and our large customer base of professional builders seems to indicate that we have succeeded. If it's been a while since you were out or haven't visited our mill, please stop by and say hello. We think you'll be glad you did!

Dan and Della (Olguin) Barrone